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So you want to play with Harley! (Please want to play with Harley)


Okay, folks, here's the deal. I was on hiatus for ... a really ... really long time. I don't hardly know who anyone is now! Or where we are! Or what's happening!

I mean, none of these are really different from before, but you get the picture.

Long story short, my activity isn't where I would like it to be, and I want to thread with aaaaaaall of yoooooou, BUT. I need your help to do that.

Who is Harley Quinn and why should I care?

Harley Quinn is your friendly neighborhood camp psychiatrist. She's also one of Batman's rogues, Joker's (ex?)girlfriend, the clown princess of crime. (Currently in forced early retirement.) And she wants to be your friend.

Harley is a bubbly little ray of sunshine with a broken moral compass and no concept of boundaries. Don't you want one of those in your life? Don't you need one? Yes, yes you do.

And you should care because ... Because uh ... Well, you just should.

Why can't you be low maintenance like everybody else?

I do not have home internet! All my threading is done on my smartphone, which means a few things.

1) I can not run or co-run posts. The phone limits me to 3-4 threads at a time, and I have to keep an eye on my data plan. Plus my thumbs would either get weirdly muscley and hulked out, or break off. Either way, it'll be gross and unpleasant.

2) Once a post hits 100 comments or so, it gets hard to scroll through and check for people to tag. So I can make a comment directly to the post, but finding your character's comments isn't so easy unless it's a small post or someone links me directly.

3) I can not use IRC to follow OOC communication. My plurk is fortheloveofgodmontressor and my email is henchwench at gmail dot com. Pinging me on either one will send a message directly to my phone. I do have gchat, but it is on my professional account that uses my real last name, so I am not comfortable posting it publicly on an RP journal. Let me know if you want it.

How can I thread with Harley?

If you want Harley in a specific thread and don't want to wait and see if I chance upon it, always always feel free to send me a link via plurk, PM, or email and summon me forth. I'm obedient that way.

You can also leave a comment here so I know your usernames, and I will try to tag with Harley when I see yours out.


I'm slow and backtag like a motherfucker, and sometimes I drop threads and might forget to pick up for a few days. But I want to play with you! YOU! READING THIS! RIGHT NOW! All of you!!

So please forgive the flakiness and schedule fuckery. If you drop a comment here and want cr with Harley, I will try and tag your characters in posts when I can. And if you see Harley out and want to tag her, feel free! PLEASE? I may not get to you right away, but I will do my very best to get to you when I can!

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