hench_wench: (this totally counts as a blank icon)
Harley Quinn ([personal profile] hench_wench) wrote2013-12-24 09:48 am

IC Christmas Gifts

Juan - she's getting his presents in Gotham, so he'll have to wait until after vacation, but he got some sexy selfies to tide him over.
Cesare - a bottle of tequila with a note "This works as truth serum in a pinch ♥ ps- don't give to Juan it will be a mess"
Shawn - a nice sweater
Pitch - an anthology of horror fiction. Bonus: he can't make her watch a book in the dark.
Jack Frost - fluffy soft cozy socks
Crane - a straw hat, a few yards of burlap (he goes through masks like ... something that gets gone through fast...), and a little bit of the truth serum she got from Cesare
Felix - a yodeling pickle because fuck that guy
Nico - the rest of the Mythomagic figurines
Ricochet - a tin of cookies and some hot cocoa mix. He already has like every movie ever, so what the hell else can she do? Get fat and useless, hero friend.

Brenda only got something for Jaime it's some candy and an SAT study guide. She's not great at presents.

Hit me up if you want to thread these out.

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