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Harley Quinn ([personal profile] hench_wench) wrote2014-12-28 07:16 pm

IC Christmas Gifts

Juan: Harnesses for the murderbeasts so he can take them for walkies and start training them to hunt with him, the Kama Sutra, and a bottle of brandy.

Cesare: A new blanket untouched by smelly animals, a bottle of nice scotch, and a camping guide for his poorly planned wilderness adventures.

Shawn/Shaun/Sean: Only slightly ugly sweater vest and a bottle of gin.

Pitch: Horror Icon Alphabet mug, hot chocolate sampler pack, and a horror anthology book.

Alvis: Cute hair accessories and an introductory text to psychology because maybe she's still into that idk.

Sam Yao: this classy shirt

Felix: an IOU for a gift, apparently. THANKS FOR THAT BURDEN, JERK.

Harley is delivering presents here if you want to thread it out.

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