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Flying cars. And apparently some people have an aversion to murder.

Kimimaro is floating in his head. And Ivy and Harley finally plan something villainous when it's too late, alas.

Shut up, Shuichi, I am totally good with kids.

Boobies! ... hate Mugen. So much.

Feb. 11-17

Feb. 15th, 2007 06:33 pm
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This reminds me that I need to update that adopted children list.

Oliver/Mugen OTP ... I mean. Oliver/Mugen bodyswitch.



Think of it as a day-after-Valentine's present for the antiboyfriend. | We celebrated with abuse! | Teasing Fletcher | ARGH WOOD SO ANNOYING | Please don't hit me. ... Even though I completely deserve it. | Met Subaru. Hi, Subaru! Hiiiii!

Oliver's chocolate balls.


Well, that was disappointing. Still hates Oliver, is a new playmate for Rhode, talked to Subaru again, was ... I don't even know with Mugen, and schemed but not really with Tori.

J-E-L-L-O FIIIIIGHT ... So you ever realize that your character actually had sound reasons for doing something way after it's done? Yeah, I'm surprised, too.
--And as a reminder to myself, Harley's got a nice set of cat ears now. THANKS, OLIVER. I LOVE YOU, TOO.
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I'm actually keeping track of these again! AMAZING. Maybe I'll even go back and fill in the gap, but haha probably not.

How you doin'?

Kid has an actual name. WHO KNEW.

Quick question.

Hibari demands entertainment.

Kid doesn't believe in hobo clowns.

Teazer has claimed the clown ! And so has Ivy.

Dinosaurs are for smashing. Unless you are a tree, then they are for exploding.

Dec. 10-16

Dec. 11th, 2006 10:08 am
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Icons only: Flonne, Sophie, Excel, Pallapalla | Mugen (Something important probably happened here. Too bad nobody knows what.) | Superboy | Rabi | Momoko | Kid

Gymnastics of DEATH

Who wants a hug? EVERYBODY DOES.

Lupin's refreshing coma.

Research notes and a special delivery.

Never died.

And yet more mistletoe: Dee | Mamori | Kenny whyyyyy.

WHORES EVERYWHERE. Linking the whole thing because I'm too lazy to dig out each thread. :D

Angry, angry cotton candy.


Dec. 3-9

Dec. 10th, 2006 12:33 pm
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No castles. Now with extra awkward!

But am I invited? That's the important question here.


Hero talk with Rosalyn.

Deja vu. Kid is a retard but we knew this already.

One comment wtf in Filif's playercest.

Meets Takami.

Mistletoe! Again! Lunamaria and Setsuna (but not at the same time). And again with Mugen.

Yeah, they were fucking.

Tree decorating. Met the Hitachiin brothers again and humored them a bit, but more important is her temporary sort of almost retirement from villainy. Damn you, Impulse. Damn you and your wibble icon.

Nov. 12-18

Nov. 16th, 2006 10:52 am
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... Tommy?

Chloe discriminates and Ricochet lies.

Ari > Robin

The wedding post! I wasn't around very much because I couldn't load LJ for most of this, but points for effort! Shows up | Mugen needs to stop being a jerk about the weapons. ... helping resolve that conflict is her wedding present. Totally counts. LJ died on me in the middle of this, hence the offscreen warning. | Filif's balls | Food! | Mugen again | More food!

Nov. 5 - 11

Nov. 6th, 2006 08:44 am
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Meets Rosette.

Meets Kyon + Kenny don't leave meeeeeeeee D: In the same post, finds Ari and makes a great first impression on Al. BFF! ♥

Oh look, it's the most wrong thing in the world. And Kon's a little bit of a smartass, but still supercute.

Holy shit, this is long. Okay. So. In Ikkaku's cardboard tube fight post, Harley shows up out of nowhere to kick Hiruma in the balls, which is witnessed by Katou, Mamori, and Kid. She beats him but good and then kisses it better because she's special like that, which was witnessed by Katou and Mamori. And then Harley kicks the guy again. And molested him again while everybody went wtf. It was sort of a cycle.

Oh, it's a Mugen. And a ... llama?

Taki. Kiiiiinda dumb.

Shaggy's been to Gotham. Wrap your mind around that one.


Would rather not die soon, thanks. And this is why she needs constant supervision. Stop raping young boys, Harley. Just. Just stop.

Meets Youji.

Kid and Hiruma bodyswitch aftermath. Loaned Katou the hammer.

Wedding's off? But Robin will fix it. Comforts Impulse.
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Kuzco's having a bad hair day, to put it mildly. Also chats with Setsuna about throwing people in closets.

Carnival! Bell test. Won a Joker doll omg omg omg ♥ | GIANT BAT. not. cool. Fletcher, Kuzco, and Brock all wanted to know what the deal was. | Could so totally rule camp if she wanted to. And thinks your Moon Circus is dumb. So there.

Birthday parties need clowns. Remeets Starfire, and is told by Speed to give Ari a birthday kiss and/or spanking. So she does.

Going to get Simon a nice hamster ball. Also had a little heart-to-heart with Ricochet. Sort of.

Hi, River.

Cute fuzzy bunny awww.

Panties. ... I don't know.

Temporary sanity.

Meets Hulkling and sanes at Terry. Changes back in the middle of a thread.

Hey, it's that naked kid! And Ricochet.

Oct. 22-28

Oct. 23rd, 2006 02:53 pm
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Speed can go die in a ditch. On fire. But Impulse is cooler anyway.

Porn is an excellent way to meet people. Hi, Mamori! It's nice they managed a pleasant conversation, because that sure won't last. m-mops to the face, I can see it now. Talks to Kenny again and ends up adopting him. Or being adopted by him. Still not entirely sure who started it. Retarded family is a go!

Why is my son a ferret? Oh, camp.

She doesn't want to talk, man, she's only interested in your car.

Anko's birthday. Short.

She's clearly a masochist. There is no other explanation.

Stuff's a-happenin' at the hospital. Best to just let somebody else take care of it. HEY SIMON YOU WANT I SHOULD BEAT SOME GUYS UP? 'CAUSE. 'CAUSE I WILL.

Rabi's little black book. Has started teaching Kenny gymnastics in a tree. This could very well go on forever.

Pallapalla's story. Hey, Ricky, you should tell one, too!

Excel v. Speed Threads with Excel, Speed, Brock, and Mizumachi.

Oct. 15-21

Oct. 21st, 2006 02:15 pm
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Subtitles. Short because I, uh. Forgot about it, apparently. f-fail
Hi, Robbie! Hi hi hi!
Some post. I'unno.
Girl time with Setsuna.
A new friend! Oh Kenny ♥

Oct. 8-14

Oct. 8th, 2006 08:26 pm
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Another kid? Gets a kick out of Hiruma.

New job description courtesy of Kuzco.


Learned something new.

Oh, but it is!


Annnnd her computer posted two secrets in the Postsecret post. "Post" and "secret" don't look like real words anymore.


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