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[SO AFTER THAT SUPER FUN AXE-CRAZY STABBY PLAYTIME, Harley has done what every mature, reasonable person on a loving and committed relationship does at the slightest sign of trouble: move the fuck out.

To be fair, stabbing is a PRETTY BIG sign of trouble.

Anyway, she's back in her office at the hospital.]
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Juan: Harnesses for the murderbeasts so he can take them for walkies and start training them to hunt with him, the Kama Sutra, and a bottle of brandy.

Cesare: A new blanket untouched by smelly animals, a bottle of nice scotch, and a camping guide for his poorly planned wilderness adventures.

Shawn/Shaun/Sean: Only slightly ugly sweater vest and a bottle of gin.

Pitch: Horror Icon Alphabet mug, hot chocolate sampler pack, and a horror anthology book.

Alvis: Cute hair accessories and an introductory text to psychology because maybe she's still into that idk.

Sam Yao: this classy shirt

Felix: an IOU for a gift, apparently. THANKS FOR THAT BURDEN, JERK.

Harley is delivering presents here if you want to thread it out.
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[Now that Harley has moved back into her office and had time to unpack, she's running out of things to keep her busy. She and the hyenas are piled on the couch while she fills out a Sudoku puzzle. Angrily.]

Stupid thing has too many stupid nines in this stupid stupid row I swear to god I'm going to kill everyone.
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[Lounging in bed, poking around on her laptop and waiting for someone to come home.]
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Juan - she's getting his presents in Gotham, so he'll have to wait until after vacation, but he got some sexy selfies to tide him over.
Cesare - a bottle of tequila with a note "This works as truth serum in a pinch ♥ ps- don't give to Juan it will be a mess"
Shawn - a nice sweater
Pitch - an anthology of horror fiction. Bonus: he can't make her watch a book in the dark.
Jack Frost - fluffy soft cozy socks
Crane - a straw hat, a few yards of burlap (he goes through masks like ... something that gets gone through fast...), and a little bit of the truth serum she got from Cesare
Felix - a yodeling pickle because fuck that guy
Nico - the rest of the Mythomagic figurines
Ricochet - a tin of cookies and some hot cocoa mix. He already has like every movie ever, so what the hell else can she do? Get fat and useless, hero friend.

Brenda only got something for Jaime it's some candy and an SAT study guide. She's not great at presents.

Hit me up if you want to thread these out.
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[In the morning she'll try for another sneaky escape, but some time during the night she got all tangled up in blankets so her stealth mission is really more "fall on the floor again in a blanket cocoon and then be trapped"]
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((I'm sure that I missed some threads but the post got too big for me to wade through. Apologies! Feel free to start your own, less smart-ass threads.))
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Okay, folks, here's the deal. I was on hiatus for ... a really ... really long time. I don't hardly know who anyone is now! Or where we are! Or what's happening!

I mean, none of these are really different from before, but you get the picture.

Long story short, my activity isn't where I would like it to be, and I want to thread with aaaaaaall of yoooooou, BUT. I need your help to do that.

Who is Harley Quinn and why should I care? )

Why can't you be low maintenance like everybody else? )

How can I thread with Harley? )


I'm slow and backtag like a motherfucker, and sometimes I drop threads and might forget to pick up for a few days. But I want to play with you! YOU! READING THIS! RIGHT NOW! All of you!!

So please forgive the flakiness and schedule fuckery. If you drop a comment here and want cr with Harley, I will try and tag your characters in posts when I can. And if you see Harley out and want to tag her, feel free! PLEASE? I may not get to you right away, but I will do my very best to get to you when I can!
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((I'll replace the boring text with something clever later. Probably. ... Probably not.))
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[When Lassiter comes back from his morning errands, he'll find his door cracked open. Inside the room is COVERED IN MISTLETOE and an ex-clown ex-girlfriend is waiting.]
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oh hello userhead fairy i see you left a present for me

Crit post

Oct. 30th, 2011 10:08 pm
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Anonymous posting is on, and comments are screened. You can leave crit here, or send a message to henchwench[at]gmail.com, or poke me in IRC or whatever you want, baby.

This crit post works for all my characters. (Brenda, Harry Lockhart, Scott Pilgrim, Shiv).
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[If anybody's been looking for Harley in the last few days, you probably haven't seen her out. That's because she's locked herself in her room and may have arranged all her files and paperwork in a fort around her desk.]


((open to everyone, btw. just not quite suited for a comm post.))
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Comment with a character(s) and mine will give you:

- The icon they most enjoy getting
- Any (if applicable) they don't like getting
- The most "you" face you have
- And an icon they are surprised you have

Harley, Scott Pilgrim, Eliot Spencer, Shiemi, Veser
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New and continuing mistletoe threads for Harley, Scott Pilgrim, Shiemi, Eliot Spencer, and Veser. Now there's a sexy lineup.


Jun. 22nd, 2011 02:04 am
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[EN ROUTE TO ... SOMEWHERE. Something is happening. It's terrible.]
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[Whenever he gets back from the shooting range, she'll be waiting right where he left her. Having feelings.]


Mar. 2nd, 2011 08:58 pm
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Not backdating since it's going up kind of late WHOOPSIE DAISY

Eliot Spencer - Expect some manly tsunning.
John Egbert
Dairine Callahan

Harley Quinn - I hope nobody wanted good advice.
Jennifer Check
Ty Lee
Oerba Dia Vanille

Scott Pilgrim - Even worse than Harley.
Azuma Wataru
Kikuchi Hiro
Shirayuki Mizore
Oerba Dia Vanille

I'm EST and usually at work until 9:30 or so, boo hiss. I'll probably do a post on Sunday or so if I don't catch anybody before then. If anyone wants to work out something, you can reach me at henchwench @ gmail or in IRC. Or comment here? I guess? Sure why not! WE COOL? WE COOL.
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CHRISTMAS GIFT LIST! I LOVE THIS MEME, but I am going to do it the lazy way.

Comment here if you want your characters to get a gift from Harley, Brenda, Scott Pilgrim, Ted Kord, Shiemi, or Eliot Spencer (nobody ~except Parker~ is getting a gift from Eliot).
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I LOVE THIS THING and I need a distraction so bad.

ASK A QUESTION it can be anything CFUD related, OOC, IC, Relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons or what, who I might consider topping you into apping, etc.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

I play Harley, Brenda, Scott, Buzz, Ted, Shiemi.
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